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Denver’s Hancock Administration is building a 13-acre, 5-million-dollar, Regional Attraction in City Park without a vote by Denver’s citizens.  According to their plan, City Loop will be “one of Denver’s most vibrant civic spaces” with thousands of visitors, week-in and week-out, year-round.  It will include staffed kiosks, “comfort stations” (bathrooms), and food trucks.  And it will be funded by corporate sponsors, not a bond issue.  So we have no voice.

Park funding is already well below levels needed to maintain today’s City Park.  By the time City Loop is completed, can we expect all of City Park – the Zoo, the Museum, and City Loop –  to be an admission-based venue?  That’s what it will take to operate the high-use, high-overhead Attraction the City has planned.  The Administration does not have to ask our permission to take away every bit of public, green space left in City Park.

The City talks about “activating” parks.  We say it’s time for activated citizens to push back and save our City Park.

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Click the Map to see how much of City Park will be sacrificed to build City Loop.

City Loop, from the architects’ presentation.  Click for larger slide show.

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