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You did it!

Between the Dec. 6th meeting and hundreds of your petitions, the city finally noticed City Park’s neighbors, folks who use the park and care deeply about what having a natural urban park means to us all.

We are not sure exactly what the city truly intends (PR, spin management, backroom deals, and all that) but while this unfolds we ask you to send the city one more clear message:

Please sign this petition that requests Denver’s Parks and Recreation to:

    • Provide a kid-centric playground no larger than 1 acre in size.  This could be a repair, renovation, or replacement of the Dustin Redd Playground.


    • Consider providing a nature-based discovery area for young children adjacent to the playground, no larger than 1-2 acres.


  • Use any remaining General Fund monies planned for City Loop to repair other areas of City Park.

We hope the city includes the neighborhoods, prior to any revised design attempt. One can never be sure.

The City’s Response:    (Parks and Rec. original page)

City Loop
is intended to be a new, multi-generational activity and play area that would replace the existing Dustin Redd playground, which is in need of significant repair or replacement after nearly 20 years of use. The goal behind the current City Loop concept is to create a new area that gives everyone using the park – from small children to older adults – an opportunity to remain active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

While the project design was chosen through a very public process that started more than 18 months ago, it is clear that our outreach requires more work. In recent weeks, we’ve received additional feedback that will help guide us through the development of this project. We’ve also heard from many residents in the City Park area that have concerns about the project. We want to be sure that we address those concerns and present a project that can be successful in City Park..

As such, here are DPR’s next steps are with regard to the City Loop project:

  • Effective immediately, we have put all fundraising efforts on hold for City Loop.
  • Our Parks planning and maintenance staff is evaluating all maintenance and renovation needs in City Park and putting a plan in place to address those issues moving forward (this includes general maintenance and other projects such as the renovation of the Sullivan Gateway and other features in the park).
  • With assistance from Tina Bishop, of Mundus-Bishop Design Inc., the City design team will meet before the end of the year to evaluate the current concept and discuss changes to the overall size and scope of the project to attempt to better integrate the project into the park. (Tina Bishop is a local landscape architect who has worked all over the City and specializes in designing projects specifically to integrate into historical parks and landmarks.) The team will also evaluate other locations around the City to determine if the project, as planned, would have a more appropriate fit elsewhere.
  • Once those evaluations have been completed and any other potential design concepts are available, Parks and Recreation will hold a community meeting to collect your feedback. We anticipate scheduling that to take place in the early spring (March), but exact timing cannot be determined just yet.
  • After that meeting, DPR will evaluate the level of support/opposition for the project and determine how/if it will move forward.

We want all citizens to know that we value your constructive comments and we will listen to your concerns. We also want to hear from those who are in support of this project and have ideas for what they would like to see should it come to fruition.

Please feel free to use the following email address to share your thoughts and feedback regarding the City Loop project:cityloop@denvergov.org

As we get through the holidays and into 2014, we will e-mail you updates on our progress and better guidance as to when we will schedule our next public meeting and presentation.

Stop City Loop
Denver’s Hancock Administration is building a 13-acre, 5-million-dollar, Regional Attraction in City Park without a vote by Denver’s citizens.  According to their plan, City Loop will be “one of Denver’s most vibrant civic spaces” with thousands of visitors, week-in and week-out, year-round.  It will include staffed kiosks, “comfort stations” (bathrooms), and food trucks.  And it will be funded by corporate sponsors, not a bond issue.  So we have no voice.

Park funding is already well below levels needed to maintain today’s City Park.  By the time City Loop is completed, can we expect all of City Park – the Zoo, the Museum, and City Loop –  to be an admission-based venue?  That’s what it will take to operate the high-use, high-overhead Attraction the City has planned.  The Administration does not have to ask our permission to take away every bit of public, green space left in City Park.

The City talks about “activating” parks.  We say it’s time for activated citizens to push back and save our City Park.

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Click the Map to see how much of City Park will be sacrificed to build City Loop.

City Loop, from the architects’ presentation.  Click for larger slide show.

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