Annual Operating Cost – Cleaning & Maintenance, Staffing, Security

The City is building a 13 acre, 5 million dollar, Regional Attraction without an operating budget. According to the plan, City Loop will be “one of Denver’s most vibrant civic spaces” with staffed kiosks, comfort stations, and food trucks. It will attract hundreds of families, week-in and week-out, year-round, along with their hundreds of cars.  The City Loop presentation doesn’t include annual operating costs.

Operating Funds?

What will it cost to operate and maintain City Loop?  Will City Loop operations  be funded by commercial sponsors? As a line item in the City’s annual budget?  Park funding is already well below levels needed to maintain today’s City Park.  Are we going to turn City Park into a 100% admission-based venue to support the high cost of operating this “vibrant” new place?

Maintenance Cost?

What will it cost to keep City Loop clean?  With so many visitors, so many constructed surfaces, kiosks and a Comfort Station, not to mention goose poop and snow, City Loop will need cleaning on a regular schedule.  Will cleaning be done by City employees or contracted out?

What will it cost to keep City custom essay order Loop operational?  How about those free-standing water pipes?  And the tubes and the artificial rocks?  And replacement parts when things break?  Will maintenance be done by City employees or contracted out?


According to the Architects’ City Loop presentation:

The Landing Cluster includes a staffed kiosk and a new comfort station will be included nearby; it will allow families to plan “A Day at City Park” and know they have bathroom/changing resources outside the zoo and museum.

What will be the hours/days staffed?  What will this cost?


With so many visitors and so many activities, surely City Loop will require increased presence of Park Rangers and Denver Police.   And surely we’ll need to keep this space lit to discourage crime and vagrancy.  What will this cost?