Come To City Loop Meetings


NOTE:  Denver Parks & Recreation has changed the plan for Stakeholder Meetings described below.  The first meeting was held as scheduled on February 26, but the second meeting has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 22, at 10 am at the Denver Zoo.


City Loop Focus Group/Stakeholder meetings will take place on two Wednesdays at Bogey’s on the Park (City Park golf course – 26th and York) from 6:00 – 8:30 pm:

  • Wednesday, February 26, 2014
  • Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Announcement of loop re-evaluation

After holding a meeting on Dec 6, 2013, attended by 90 plus neighbors, Denver Parks and Recreation announced that they planned to put City Loop on hold pending an evaluation process.  They sent an email to attendees of the Dec 6 meeting, declaring their intention to re-evaluate City Loop and outlining steps they planned to take. Susan Barnes-Gelt’s December 21, 2013 Denver Post column listed these steps:

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  • Hire respected local landscape architect Tina Bishop to work with the design team to rethink the project’s scope and scale.
  • It remains the view of StopCityLoop that City Park doesn’t need an attraction, but needs:

    • child’s playground no larger than 1 acre in size on the west side of City Park.  This could be a repair, renovation, or replacement of the Dustin Redd Playground.
    • Preservation of the natural character of the park.
    • Judicious use of General Fund monies to repair and maintain City Park, including gardens and plants, trees, playgrounds, fountains, and statuary.


    Parks and Recreation did not offer to include the neighbors as full members of the re-evaluation process, but invited 42 RNOs to name two representatives each to a “Focus Group.”  They said, “DPR would like to put together a focus group made up of individuals from the registered neighborhood organizations that immediately surround City Park.” The Focus Group would consist of “individuals willing to share their feedback while at the same time willing to participate in an active and open discussion about a new or improved playground in City Park.

    At some point during this process, without any notification to the RNOs or in any public medium, Parks and Recreation also reached out to schools in the area.  They shared neither the rationale for this, nor the list of schools invited to participate.  We have only a copy of the letter sent to Smiley Middle School, which (referring to City Loop as “the playground”) said:

    “We are looking for 1 or 2 parents active in your school and community to participate in a series stakeholder meetings about the design in February/March, and give us feedback on what the community would and would not like to see in the new playground. “


    A notice sent to the invited representatives describes the meeting plan as follows:

    “We are planning two stakeholder meetings to discuss City Loop. These meetings are open meetings, but they are not considered public meetings. We will plan to hold a public meeting after the stakeholder meetings are complete and the design group has time to process the input and feedback discussed in each meeting. A specific agenda will be sent in a later communication, but generally the discussion will focus in on the proposed City Loop project and a number of options that the design team has been working on. These options include: repair/renovation of the existing Dustin Redd; replacement of the Dustin Redd playground with or without City Loop features; City loop concept with revised size and scope.”

    On February 20, an agenda for the February 26th meeting was received by invited representatives.

    We hope that all interested neighbors will attend the meetings on February 26 and March 12, whether invited or not.