Dustin Redd – current status

The city of Denver has performed virtually no maintenance on the existing Dustin Redd playground since is was constructed by volunteers in 1996.   However, the core structure is still in very good condition.  The major features are built of framing lumber, with engineered planks (composite wood and plastic) for most walkways.

Over time, the kinetic elements (suspended platforms, balance beams, tire swings, and rope cables) would break a chain link.  The city simple removed each of these basic, and relatively easy to repair, elements.  The one plastic slide and United Airline coil spring mounted planes were also removed.  Below are some images for similar playgrounds where you can see these are relatively easy to repair elements.

In a farm community, the wooden kinetic elements would have been easily repaired on a Saturday for only hundreds of dollars.

Any reputable general contractor could repair all the kinetic elements and replace the missing slide for less than $50K.

Other communities have renovated and upgraded their Leathers and Associates playgrounds for very modest sums.