Denver PRAB

Initial response to StopCityLoop from PRAB President Leslie Twarogowski:

The City Loop project is in the early design phase, and there’s still a lot of design work and fundraising to be done. As some other commenters have noted, the Parks Department has held numerous public meetings seeking community input. This “Stop City Loop” group is unlikely to stop the project, and if anything, the group’s inflammatory and uncooperative “tone” will breed unnecessary ill-will. If you would like accurate information and a chance to voice your concerns or opinions, I recommend that you attend the Parks’ City Loop Meetings, speak during a Parks Board meeting (where all citizens are allowed at least three minutes to speak in front of the Board and DPR managers) or contact DPR directly. 
Leslie Twarogowski 
President, Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board


From Denver Nextdoor post 11/15/2013