Funding – Corporate Sponsors vs. Citizens?

The City is building a 13 acre, 5 million dollar, Regional Attraction without a vote by Denver’s citizens.  According to their plan,  City Loop will be “one of Denver’s most vibrant civic spaces” with hundreds of families, week-in and week-out, year-round.  It will include staffed kiosks, comfort stations, and food trucks.  And it will be funded by corporate sponsors, not a bond issue.  So we have no voice.

World-class cities treat their citizens like the world-class people they are.  They don’t destroy parks to create a legacy.  City Park already supports two regional attractions:  the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science.  For many neighborhoods, including  much of Park Hill, South City Park, City Park West, Whittier, North City Park, and parts of Congress Park,  City Park is our neighborhood park.  It is the green place of peaceful enjoyment and un-obstructed recreation for our families and our children.  We want a playground, sure, but we can fix or replace Dustin Redd for modest cost.

We need to let potential corporate sponsors know that City Loop is bad for City Park, bad for park neighbors, and bad for them.  Tell them:  Don’t put your business’s name on a legacy of destruction.