Olmsted Association Letter

After the City Loop meeting on December 6, 2013, between City Park neighbors and Denver Parks and Recreation, one of our neighbors reached out to the National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP). NAOP responded with a letter that asks Denver Parks and Recreation “to reconsider its plans for the City Loop development in City Park.”  

Frederick Law Olmsted was the designer of Central Park in New York City.  His work set a standard of excellence that continues to influence landscape architecture in the United States.  Olmsted believed that the common green space must always be equally accessible to all citizens. He championed the principle of a “public park.”  His sons’ firm, the Olmsted Brothers, developed the site plans and landscape designs used in City Park.

According to their website, The National Association for Olmsted Parks  is dedicated to the work left by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and the firm continued by his sons.  They state,“Historic parks and landscapes around the country face multiple threats from development pressure, shrinking municipal budgets, and lack of understanding about the breadth and importance of the Olmsted-designed landscapes.”

Their letter to Parks Manager Lauri Dannemiller includes the following statements:

Vibrant cities are full of cultural, educational, and recreational amenities.  As their populations grow, the proportion of park space to population shrinks.  The need for refuge from the fast pace of city life is as great now as it was when the Olmsted Brothers made their contributions to the design of City Park…

The National Association for Olmsted Parks urges the City of Denver to come up with progressive approaches that are more sensitive to City Park’s nationally significant historic legacy.  If the Dustin Redd playground  needs to be replaced, the playground in Olmsted Linear Park in Atlanta, Georgia, could be a good model…

Please read the entire letter from the National Association of Olmsted Parks to Lauri Dannemiller, Manager, Denver Parks and Recreation.