Playground Philosophy

Dynamics of American Playgrounds

Over the last thirty years in particular, spontaneous outdoor play of all kinds has declined, both in vitality and in quality.   – Joe L. Frost

The following interview with Joe L. Frost paints a fascinating picture of how the intersection of equipment manufacturers, a litigious culture, and the peculiarly American notion of a riskless society have produced the current state of affairs.  He covers how playgrounds affect a child’s cognitive and physical development.  This is this best overview of our society’s relationship with playgrounds that we’ve found to date.

What’s Wrong with America’s Playgrounds and How to Fix Them
— by Joe L. Frost   (cached)

Natural Playgrounds

The City of Denver seems to have missed the trend towards natural playgrounds and the growing concern that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development

Natural playgrounds are growing into a national trend

Richard Louv, author Last Child in the Woods

Natural Playgound – picture gallery [ in progress ]

Teardrop Park,
Billy Johnson