Coverage of StopCityLoop in print, online, video, and other news sources.

City Loop Project in Denver’s City Park on Hold, and yet…  Op-ed by Susan Barnes-Gelt updates City Loop story, urges City to refer to 2001 study in considering how best to approach City Park.  12/21/2013

In Mayor Hancock’s World-Class City, everyone matters – except park lovers.  Westword article about the Hancock Administration’s approach to parks, including detailed coverage of City Loop and StopCityLoop’s battle to save City Park.  12/18/2013

StopCityLoop Meeting with Denver Parks and Recreation  80 City Park neighbors turn out on a cold Friday to give the Hancock Administration their views on City Loop.  12/8/2013

Stop City Loop?  Article in the Greater Park Hill Community Newsletter describing the formation of StopCityLoop and providing background information on City Loop.  12/2/2013

RIP, Historic Places  Denver Post column by Susan Barnes-Gelt lamenting a loss of a number of Denver landmarks, including the loss of City Park space to City Loop.  11/23/2013

Goose Poop in the Loop?  Albus Brooks, City Council District 8 Representative, and Deputy Parks Manger Scott Gilmore meet with Park Hill Philosopher’s Club to discuss City Loop.  11/21/2013

City Park Needs No Improvement  Letter to the editor of the Greater Park Hill Community Newsletter that catalyzed neighbors around City Park to form StopCityLoop.  8/31/2013