A very quick look at all the things that make no sense about the City Loop proposal.

The city couldn’t maintain either the very low tech Dustin Redd playground. (only 2×6s, chains, and bolts), or the high tech and expensive fountains.
Who will fix all these custom fabricated structures?  At what cost?

Too Big
City Loop is very Big.
Really, another regional attraction? Where will they put hundreds of additional cars?

Back room deals
Taxpayers didn’t vote for the $5M big attraction.
Corporate sponsors? What are they getting in return?

Our only park
Why do we have to give up our beautiful park for a Big Attraction?

Kid’s Playground
Children need a place to call their own. To experiment; to discover.

Super Sized
Do you really want to chase your small children through the crowds?

Amusement vs. Discovery

Denver’s ‘Water World’ ?
Does the City of Denver want to try its hand at big attractions?
OK, maybe downtown.  But in a beautiful, natural park?

The Zoo and Museum already overflow their multi-million dollar, multi-story garages.
Let’s add some more cars?

Parking Again
So you have both a weekend Event (i.e. walk/run) and City Loop big Attraction.
Where do you put all the cars?

Zoo and Museum = 4 Million annual visitors
So 4M annual visitors are not enough?

Public Space
Silly us. For thinking “parks are understood, they are for the future”.
Let’s carve up and develop another urban green space. Really?

What will they think?
Remember how the tragic loss of Penn Station forever changed ‘Urban Renewal’.
Will ‘City Loop’ be remembered as the object lesson on how to lose a beautiful urban park?