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a travesty to not obtain input from citizens

an updated kids playground would be nice but…… -opposed to current plan’s size, loss of green space, funding questions, parking, traffic -private funders should not benefit from charging for use of this public park -not good to proceed with a project this large that would drastically change an important and historic public park without voter approval !!

Have you contacted the local Capitol Hill newspaper? I usually read that publication but don’t recall seeing anything regarding the proposed Loop. The first I heard of the Loop was today (11/24/13) via an article by Susan Barnes-Gelt in the Denver Post. If people, especially those in the neighborhoods near City Park, don’t know about this, it’s going to sneak through.

I am opposed to this project and would like to know about meeting and opportunities to challenge it development. I do not believe this will enhance the park.

I think the park should be left alone it is loosing it’s function a park, Not an amuzement park.

City Park is not “your” park, it is “our” City Park. It is a park for every little kid in Denver who needs a cool place to play. What you didn’t know City Park (Zoo, Museum, Lake, Trails, Sunday Jazz, organized events) was a regional amenity already? I would support a push to add structured parking solutions to the west end of City Park, but not as a condition to building City Loop. Embrace the City Loop then take a kid to enjoy “our” City Park.

Looks very kitschy. Design should at least try to fit in with the historic feel of the park and surrounding neighborhoods

Keep it simple for the kids—similar small scale to what we have now. No “amusement park” concept. No on City Loop concept.

This proposed playground eats up too much of our green space. Also, parking/traffic is a huge problem with this regional facility. I was fine with a playground the size of Dustin Redd. Any larger is just too big for our park. I was one of the founding members of City Park Alliance. We were all about preserving our green space and keeping parking out of our adjacent neighborhoods.

Instead of turning parks into amusement areas, green open space (a scarcity) ought to be maintained and cherished. We have too much sensory overload as it is; children, especially, don’t need more. Being able to spend time in nature, such as what most of City Park is, is nurturing and inspiring. Having it right next to the King Memorial is dumb — as is the whole Loop.

Maintain Dustin Redd. Maintain (with respect!) the MLK memorial: planter maintenance, trash pickup, etc. These things have not been done and the mayor needs to show that proper maintenance can be done to what exists before adding more things to maintain.

This is outrageous – as a former resident of City Park West and the owner of property there, this is not what I want in the park. It has been a constant battle for years to keep the open space in the park. The city can upgrade the playground, but no other construction should happen. And yes, what about that rec center that I voted for?

This so called playground is a play park and should not be taking up acreage in what little open space is left of our City Park. The effort to sell as an all ages playground is changing the use of the park by building play structures and plastic tubes with super lighting instead of nurturing appreciation of nature’s gifts and fostering one’s own inventiveness.

Thank you for put this site up.

Thank you for asking some valid questions. However, this site does seem to represent a bit of an alarmist perspective on the project. While parking is often a source of frustration in our neighborhoods, I’ve always felt its the price we pay for living in close proximity to so many great amenities (after all, I do have a garage I could clean out if I get really annoyed). I do appreciate the questions around how exactly this area will be used as is does seem a little vague.

The City (parks/rec?) already ruined the perennial garden area on the East end of City Park by putting in additional parking for the museum. To ruin the green areas on the West end of the park as well is incomprehensible.

Your plans may sound good to you but you need to check with the people this will impact most before you proceed.

City Park should be left alone. We already host runs, walks, the zoo, the museum, bike races and concerts All impact the surrounding community with traffic, crowds, gang presence and other unneighborly impacts. LEAVE CITY PARK ALONE! This “renovation” is just an ego massage, and I trust that all affected neighborhoods surrounding the park will step up and voice their opposition to his plan. NIMBY, and I hope not in yours either.

thank you for raising awareness! I’d kind of lost track of this project. please continue to help us protect the park!

Leave the park alone!

The park is one of the main reasons I live in the neighborhood. Any changes to usage must have neighborhood input and approval. Already it is difficult to navigate and use the park on days when the zoo uses the roads for overflow parking. This is a lifestyle issue for those of us who live in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Park.

City Park is the neighborhood mountain retreat. It’s beautiful, active, and quiet. To bring such a children’s amusement park is a desecration of its natural beauty. Please DO NOT do this to our community.

A really sad idea. Would hate to see the passing of simple playgrounds and open lawns, peace and tranquility.

The whole plan is the antithesis of Open Public Space and will not be as culturally beneficial and straight open space will be. City Park is a park, not a makeshift food court or shopping mall.

I use City Park frequently and have not heard a word about this plan until last week. I would like to know where City Councilman Brooks is on this and why he hasn’t been holding public meetings to discuss this with his constituents?

First time I have heard of this. Why is it a secret? The venue could be loud and too light at night and obnoxious during the day. Parking is already a neighborhood problem and will only get worse.

HORRIBLE IDEA. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN City Park . You will DESTROY its character and the whole reason people like city park now. MANY of us who live there now would likely choose to move out of the neighborhood. I never planned to live next to a small version of 6 flags (but I sadly couldn’t afford a move so I’m stuck). City Park is a gem, ( the addition of the historical explanation ” signs of its history (by Hickenlooper) were a great addition . Please abandon this horrible idea.

I am a past member of the City Park Alliance who has opposed the City Loop from it’s earliest conceptualization. I am advocate of replacing the existing playground with another, made of natural materials (no plastic and no primary colors). I would like to see the new playground moved to the North entrance of the Zoo (currently not used), by the existing parking lot (just east of the tennis and handball courts).

I am skeptical that funding would be available to support this type of endeavor and to maintain the quality, cleanliness, peace and most of all SAFETY of such a park. Would there be room to keep all of the activities such as races, art festivals, cultural festivals, etc? And what about East High–would it be feasible or safe for athletics to keep practicing there? Neighborhood residents need more information if we are going to even begin to think about supporting this!!

I don’t have a problem with the loop in general but I take issue with the park maintanance and especially the water features. We are constantly in drought conditions in Denver; we shouldn’t have a “rain room” or potable water fountains in Colorado. It’s wasteful.

We moved from Washington, DC seven years ago. The large open green space attracted us to this area. It would be a travesty to have 13 acres of this magnificent park become a place that would require more parking spaces,attract huge crowds (as the Mayor’s office hopes), and change the very idyllic nature of this incredible green open space environment. and the fact that I have no vote is really preposterous..this is MY neighborhood and my park and I love it the way it is.

City Park is an active park. City residents utilize the park daily. I don’t see a need to bring an amusement park like attraction to our open space. More importantly there is ample opportunity for additional maintenance to be done to the existing park and structures. If the city cannot afford to do the necessary maintenance now, how is going to afford to maintain the new structures?

My objection is the precedent that would be set in the use of property that belongs to Denver taxpayers/citizens. Why do we, who finance this park, having nothing to say about opening the door to corporate opportunities while we give up 13 acres of public space? Seems all that’s in it for us is more traffic, parking issues, and the threat to peace. This concept must be stopped before it begins.

This looks like a big waste of valuable green space and money as its planned. Repairing the current playground would be a much better solution.

This concept is interesting and may be very positive for the community, however it is NOT an attraction for Denver-it’s NOT even close to Chicago’s Millennium Park nor will it ever come close. I don’t like the implication that the Hancock Administration is using private $ to avoid interacting with the neighborhoods. Also, there is not enough information about maintenance, parking and traffic impacts–more transparency, please.

Thanks for trying to get this foolish and expensive plan killed. My neighbors in The Pinnacle and I really do not want this to go forward.

I am so-o-o-o tired of the City/Parks & Rec’s desire to “activate” Denver’s Parks. It is almost as if they look at them as an underutilized money-making area vs letting them be natural respites from the hubbub of city life (and commercialism). I am also tired of the City/Parks & Rec. offering “faux” public meetings, where the purpose is to sell their ideas vs allowing the affected neighborhoods to offer better ideas.

I’m appalled that this is even considcered. We need the open space for all the activities I see from my home every day. What can we do?

Among other problems. it is yet another noisy imposition on the zoo animals.

I agree with the narrator in the video. We need more quiet green space where we can re-energize, not be zapped of our energy by large crowds. City loop is a bad idea.

City Park is a gem and has been important to me since before I moved here in 1997. I dread the commercialization of it.

I appreciate Holly Joyce posting information about this on the Nextdoor North Parkhill forum. I prefer the peaceful nature of City Park and already think there is too much traffic in the area on weekends.

The level of communication from the City on this–or lack thereof–is unacceptable. Traffic/parking are serious issues. I have been working hard on the Rec Center issue without any real results, so City Loop makes me a little crazy.

They are corporatizing our schools, and now our parks

The public has had very little input into this plan. The present plan looks like an amusement park, and is way too large. Parks are about open space.

This area of City Park is a restful island in a busy city and a busy park. We should be able to update the playground without ruining a much needed green area in the city.

This concept runs in opposition to the purpose of parks – enjoyment of the NATURAL environment. This appears to be something hatched by people looking for something to do, with no care for what Denverites want or need.

The museum and zoo have already taken up too much of the park. That’s more than ENOUGH!

Any major changes to City Park should be done only with community approval. We don’t want the park filled with cars, unhealthy food options, noise, and corporations pushing their products.

Open green space is important for our city and we don’t have much of it. I would support a project 1/5 of this size.

I am on the Bellevue-Hale RNO board, we are very concerned about the lack of transparency associated with the mayor’s push for city loop. We would like to know how to engage with this effort. Please contact me Lon Breslow 303-888-8622

WAY too commercial looking. Over kill.The tubes will become home to the homeless. Parking is already a nightmare here on 17th St and you have not provided any extra parking for people you are trying to attract to the park. You would never see this kind of “development” in Central Park in Manhattan. Prefer to keep the park’s open space. Forget the fountains. We can’t maintain the ones we’ve already got.

City Loop is a huge waste of money and time by the city of Denver. Lets stop this project from being a failure by stopping it all together.

I hate to be so negative, but anything proposed by the Mayor is a bad idea, we’ve seen it across the city since he’s been in office.

City Park is a historic park and needs to remain a pedestrian park. No more mechanical traffic needs to ruin this great park in the heart of Denver.

Density, crime, parking — who is paying?

The introduction of corporate sponsors into this project really concerns me, as does the continuing lack of transparency from the Mayor’s office on this and other issues.

Green space is necessary for city living.

A recreation center which was planned before the City Loop project and that has been put on hold is more important at this time since there is a playground for children.

The City of Denver has been neglecting the current playground since it was built! It is impossible to believe it will be able to maintain the ‘loop’.

Seems way too big for that end of City Park, especially without parking. Spend $$ to keep the fountain between DMNS and rose garden and fountain in the lake working is way more important. Update existing playground, don’t just toss it.

I support kids, I distrust the mayor and corporate sponsorship, I detest any government entity not giving citizens the chance to participate. I am a member of the Green Party and want more green not less. This reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s song Big Yellow Taxi – “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

This plan is absolutely horrifying! I don’t know a single person in favor of this. It’s murder…of Denver’s most beautiful park. If I want to visit a place jammed with people. I’ll go to Elitch’s. I can’t believe this is even being considered without the consent of all the people who use this park.

please don’t ruin city park

I totally Hate this development. We don’t need another attraction in City park .It is well used and well loved now., Don’t ruin it.

City Park is one of Denver’s great historic parks and has served as a model for other cities. Sadly, too much of City Park is paved already. It would be a travesty to turn one of the city’s few open spaces into what amounts to an amusement part. The impact on surrounding neighborhoods would be significant. We are already affected by big events (races, concerts, etc.) but these occasional annoyances are nothing compared with having to hunt for parking on a daily basis.

I think it is important to have a play ground in the park, but the city loop proposal is way out of bounds. The amount of open space it will take up is completely out of line of what is needed for a nice playground. I do not support the current proposal at all.

This is a terrible idea. It would ruin the existing charm of City Park. Not to mention, in these times of lean budgets this is a completely misplaced priority.

Born & raised in Park Hill and consider City Park a jewel, an oasis against urban sprawl. I think it high treason for the city to simply usurp the park to fatten wallets without citizen approval.

kids and adults alike need open spaces, free of ‘entertainment’ to create their own activities and pass times. Water parks and the like are not needed. What’s wrong with the current play structures at City Park? Good restrooms, picnic areas, trash and recycling bins, old fashioned play structures are all that’s needed to facilitate outdoor activities to be left to the imagination.

I find the size to be disturbing. In a time when our city is becoming more and more dense, more green space must be preserved. I think it is too close to the King memorial and the tranquility that it produces.

I am currently the outgoing representative for southwest Denver on the Board of Education and the co-chair of the Denver Green Party. My main concern is accessibility by low-income families of the area, as well as safety. How can I help?

My family and I use this park frequently and we always stop at the park for our son to play. If City Park becomes something we have to pay for, it flies in the face of what a park is meant to be: a place where families can go with their kids to enjoy a safe, urban, environment with other parents and children from the same neighborhood.

Please do not publish my name on your Website.

I initially like the idea of replacing the existing play area. I did not realize the size/scope of the existing City Loop plans. It’s MUCH bigger than I thought. I would have concerns regarding parking, security, maintenance, trash, etc., if plans proceeded as currently outlined on this site.

Speculation about whether or not admission will be charged (it will clearly not when you read through the proposals) should not be a major component of the argument against City Loop. The character of part of the park may change, but extrapolating that out to some assertion that low income residents will lose their park to add to the alarmism of the cause has pushed me away from your points.

I am AGAINST City Park Loop! I agree to a renovated children’s area, however the mayor is using this to push through an unrelated project and agenda with zero input and approval of neighborhoods and citizens. This type of government is appalling. This City Loop (City Dupe) project will have a huge negative impact to our Park, Environment, surrounding Neighborhoods, and completely change the essence of this peaceful natural oasis in our hectic urban city. We need our voice heard!

One of the best things about Denver is City Park and it’s green spaces. Keep it for the citizens.

What a waste of money!

Here we go again . . .

I question the claims of the video on concerns for parking. I imagine this would draw many from adjacent neighborhoods, making parking a non issue. Also, many people bike in for events like Jazz in the park. I am sure many park their cars in neighborhoods, but I doubt it takes up 20blocks. I could be wrong though. I appreciate mainly the maintenance issues raised.

This Loop plan is disgustingly commercial and will ruin the natural beauty and peacefulness of the park as it is now.

I am horrified by City Loop. City Park has been my respite for 28 years; I walk there every day and am nourished by the wildlife, beauty, and peace. We MUST have access to that in a city.

Sounds like too much traffic, bottleneck, loss of our lovely green space. Too noisy. Too expensive.

I am opposed to city loop. I love the wide open spaces in city park and do not support any further development in city park. I live only 4 blocks away and I love the serene nature, grass, and trees in the park. I don’t want to see any playground development.

I love the open green space. With time the park will get busier on its own without commercializing it. I am concerned about traffic and parking.

One of my favorite recent kids books describes a grandfather who reconnects with his old Banyan tree – and shows his grandson how imagination can run wild without need of brightly colored steel and plastic playgrounds.

This looks like a truly horrible idea. Why does every green space and peaceful area need to be filled with “entertainment” and noise?

Sounds atrocious! We don’t need an “Elitch’s” in our Denver City Park. Sounds like another sneaky way to take away our open space and free and public park without regard to infrastructure and parking problems. Denver City Park has always been the pride of Denver – just as is. Why destroy it.

We’ve lived 1/2 block from City Park for 15 years. I absolutely support the City Loop program.

These improvements will be great for City Park and all neighborhoods surrounding the park. Please DO NOT listen to the SCPNA curmudgeons!!

City Park’s green space is a treasure for all of Denver as well as the people who use it regularly or even occasionally. For me, its quiet has provided solace and healing. Its greenery contributes to the urban forest that Denver citizens treasure. The park already brings much traffic to our neighborhoods and disturbs those of us who live in a quiet, city environment. This project, in my opinion, does harm rather than good to our environment.

This is not what is needed in the City Park neighborhood, build this downtown or in Lodo or near the Children’s Museum. Bigger is not always better and sometimes simplicity breads imagination. How will this impact wildlife?

A remodel of the existing playground is surely needed, so I’m not opposed to huge changes for that small section of the park. The scale of what’s being proposed seems much larger… thus I have more questions. As far as my bottom line… the price tag seems huge, for a project that is much less important than a new recreation center on York/Josephine and Colfax.

This is an appalling idea. City Park needs to remain free to all! The traffic and parking issues on Sunday night jazz nights are bad enough. Let’s NOT do this!

I think it is a horrible idea. I think we need to fight it tooth and nail !!

The whole thing looks gawdy and overbearing. City Park is good as-is, plus where are all the cars going to go? There’s already insane traffic on 23rd, and that’s just for the Zoo. Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, and this matter really should be put up for a vote, especially for those who live in and around the community, whom it will impact the most.

It would be a shame to see Dustin Redd name not continue to be honored. The park should really let its users choose the playground.

This does not seem a well planned project proposal. I am not impressed with this – and most of the proposals coming out of this administration.

What’s your beef with this plan? If it’s preservation of open space, there is plenty of that in City Park. I love the idea of taking an underused area and making it engaging and a destination for neighbors and residents of the Metro area.

I am primarily concerned about the size and scope of the project, the design (does it fit within the current park’s ambiance: it looks more like Disney Land from the drawings) and maintenance. I am concerned that input was not requested/considered prior to development.

We need to keep all open space filled with nature that we can. City Park is my favorite place in the city. I went there 9/11 to be with community

I feel that the people planning this design don’t actually use the park on a regular basis. They call the Loop area “underutilized” which anyone who has ever been to the park on a summer evening would challenge. There are picnics, hundreds of kids on the playground, pee wee soccer games, runners, loungers, even quidditch matches happening in that area. Let City Park be a park, not an amusement park.

Hard to believe! But then again, this mayor the Parks and Rec Dept he controls seem to have no concern for the public’s opinion or what we really want and need for our city. City Park is the only place we can walk to for some space in nature and for the children to run and play! Is it still possible to stop this monstrosity??

This website is the first I have heard of any of the downsides of the City Loop. Very interesting, thank you for informing all of the neighbors.

There are already too many large uses in City Park–zoo, museum, large activities. We need to presetve the park!

This plan is too big. We don’t need one more big attraction in City Park. The museum and zoo are plently.

City Parks open areas need to remain open- that’s the beauty of a park within a city – such as Central Park in NYC.

City Park has long been one of Denver’s assets, providing green space for us all.

a) What is the main purpose? to improve quality of life — if so, for whom? b) parking seems a huge unaddressed issue c) cost and benefit seem a poor fit

Seems there was not much thought that went into this project. City Park is a landmark in the city that needs to be preserved as a park, not turned into an amusement park.

I am only one of many neighbors and citizens who uses the proposed “loop” for multiple purposes. I take neighbor children and dogs walking there, ride my bicycle there, and for the annual Christmas bird count, it is one of the major areas in the park to see unusual species. On the winter count this year a great horned owl was seen by several people. Do not put amusement parks in the spaces we seek for peace and nature! Put them with other amusement parks and bright lights!

I wish the city would just maintain the park. We don’t new “new” things, we just need the areas that have fallen into disrepair to be restored (i.e. the lily pad pond that is perpetually empty).

Bad idea all around, costly and unnecessary.

I think if people knew about this they would be horrified.

I really hope this plan gets cancelled and a more modest update of the current playground moves forward. Don’t make City Park one big tourist attraction!

As an educator for over 30 years, I can tell you that the last thing children need is another experience geared to adults’ imaginations instead of developing their own. This is the kind of thing that will take away from children’s growth as human beings. I’m ashamed to think Denver would consider such.

I really deplore the thinking that more elaborate things are better than simpler ones, in almost every area of life!

City Loop would severely impact how I use the park. It is grandiose, unattractive, too busy for the area. There are many unanswered questions about its impact and use – I fear it will be an eyesore and problem-inducing attraction in the park. There are better-suited areas in Denver for that sort of thing if it is indeed desired. City Park needs a modest upgrade of the current Dustin Redd playground and preservation of a valuable resource: its green space and tranquility.

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I had no idea these plans were in the works. The city should be providing detailed information about this proposed project to city residents in general and to City Park neighbors in particular. The architectural renderings are appalling.

Half-baked, ill-conceived, unnecessary, gaudy and unattractive.

I’m completely opposed to City Loop . One of the greatest things about City Park is the wide open spaces, for children as well as adults. I think it would be a shame to destroy such ample wide open space in the center of our city.

I think there is a good compromise to limit the scope of this thing but still create a new and exciting addition to the park. A new playground is priority!

City Park should remain as natural a place as possible.

Parking and traffic are bad enough.

I’m going to look into the other side of the proposal but as presented it fundamentally changes the profile of the park. On big event days we feel the impact well over on the east side of the park. This would be a game changer.

I assume the creation of this website means that the city has released a plan? If so, why is no link posted to it, and how do I find it? Is that plan declared complete? If one of the foundational tenets of your opposition is the lack of certain elements within the plan, have those who are doing the planning indicated that those elements are irrelevant and will not be considered, or have they simply not yet been completely formulated?

Public spaces must remain public unless due process in consultation and voting by the public has taken place. Giveaways to sponsors and businesses cedes control of our city from public to private and is UNACCEPTABLE.

We do NOT need this! Having green park areas is vital for our area!! I strongly oppose this.

I live in Hale/Mayfair. This looks to be a really dumb idea. Please leave the park the way it is.

We need to fight this structure.

Provide bike and ride and public transit not more parking. Bike parking lot was not shown in the plan. Provide a plan that shows how the City Loop attraction will be maintained.

It is really ugly. It is much too modern. It would be better with a more natural look to fit in with the beauty of the park rather than a sterile look. Why a water piece when we live in a drought climate? I’m sure the homeless will be appreciative of the benches for sleeping.

Parking is already a problem for organized events in City Park. What is the mayor’s plan for managing this very large park in lieu of providing young kids a place to play?

I walk City Park twice a day, it is worn and overutilized, needs repair and parking is terrible already. Without any traffic studies, use studies and an understanding of the impact on the neighborhood, the park, the park environment, financial impacts, this is irresponsible. I love this park and do not want to lose more acres to something that can be detrimental in the long run.

Where is this wonderful voter approved rec center you speak of. This seems like a cool idea.

The frustration resides in the city’s inability to provide any clear details on the administrative part of re-shaping the space (costs, plans, fee’s, logistics). How can this space truly serve the city and the surroudning neighborhoods. Sadly, the city hasn’t built up any trust currency to just follow through with this idea without real community input.

We need to stop eroding our natural spaces! City Park is not for sale Mr. Hancock!!!

This is wrongly placed in such a beautiful park. Don’t we already have something like this down by the Children’s Museum, why not place it by the Children’s Museum?

I’m still in shock to learn of these plans which seem to be far along in their development. Neighborhood input? Is anyone even wondering what the tax-paying residents of the adjacent neighborhoods would like to see in the way of improvements and/or enhancements? Guess not. Time to revisit the process!

This ridiculous plan does not reflect the spirit of Denver residents. We value our open spaces and parks for all that they offer us as individuals and communities. This is wrong that the City Loop will be built with no input from the people who make up Denver. Whose pockets are being lined with this abomination? Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s band together to protect and honor the beauty, diversity and richness of City Park and it’s people.